Respiratory Health is an Important Part of Poultry Production

Staff reporter: Respiratory health is an important part of poultry production and it is important that farmers have a good understanding of the problems that can occur. Poultry industry plays a vital role in poverty alleviation and the economic development of Bangladesh. But Poultry are susceptible to a range of respiratory diseases that can lead to significant losses in productivity. Therefore, it is essential for anyone working with chickens to have a good understanding of how to prevent and treat these diseases.

Keeping these issues in front of the country's animal health sector, Bengal Overseas Limited, the pioneer of the vaccine industry, and MSD, a world-renowned vaccine manufacturing company has jointly organized a technical seminar titled “Respiratory Disease in Poultry Production and Control Measures" in Dhaka.

Dr. Seung-Hwan (SH) Jung, Associate Director, Global Poultry, MSD Animal Health presented the keynote speech. The speakers addressed Farmers constantly face losses due to respiratory diseases in the poultry industry. Dr. SH was addressed that there is co-infection of multiple respiratory pathogens and in the field/farm level, most cases are very complex, either because of pathogen’s interaction or secondary bacterial infection may interact and farmers may face huge economic impact.

For this, the expert speakers said to diagnose the disease by looking at the symptoms along with laboratory aids. and provide appropriate treatment. The speaker also emphasizes that the prevention by vaccination is the key element to control the diseases. Apart from this, they insist on strict biosecurity and improve the hygiene to reduce the number of opportunistic pathogens in the environment. The discussants also highlighted which strains of vaccine is more effective for which disease. For that purpose, they talk about the application of effective vaccines at the right time to prevent the disease.

Avian Influenza (AI), Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT), Avian Metapneumo virus (AMPV), Infectious Coryza (IC), Mycoplasma, E. coli, TRT and aspergillosis are the most prevalent respiratory diseases in Bangladesh. These diseases are most prevalent in layer, broiler, sonali and backyard chicken.

Therefore, an integrated approach including strict biosecurity, good farming practices and proper vaccination should be taken into consideration for the prevention of these respiratory diseases to ensure sustainable poultry production in Bangladesh.

Syed Rezaul Karim. Chairman of BOL, Mr. Md. Ayub Ali, Vice Chairman, BOL A K Alamgir, Managing Director, BOL, Mr. Ranjan Pagnis, Associate Director, MSD AH, Dr. Bichitra Barman, Sr. Manager, Veterinary Services, MSD AH, Dr. Ripon Kumar Paul, Sr. Technical Manager, MSD AH, Dr. Md. Sadequr Rahman, Marketing Manager, BOL & many more technical consultants poultry industry were present in the seminar.

In this seminar MSD Animal Health provided the participants the latest information on respiratory health of poultry, including the latest research on diagnosis, treatment and prevention and control.