Summer Onion “Biplob” Amazing Onion Variety with Unleashed Potentiality is an attractive cash crop for the farmers in our country and is cultivated in Rabi Season. The demand for onion is about 35 Lac MT in Bangladesh. However, the production is 23-24 Lac MT as per statistics. So there is a shortage of 10-11 Lac MT which is imported from different countries, especially from India and the import value is more than BDT 3500 Million. Govt. is trying to increase the production of onion in the summer season and winter season with updated varieties.

Considering the potentiality ACI Seed is working with East-West Seed International, a giant multinational company. The goal is to promote the summer onion variety in Bangladesh and also start the trial marketing of the summer onion variety under the brand name “Biplob”.

“Biplob”. is a promising onion variety that can be cultivated from April to September. The variety is high-temperature and rainfall tolerant. The disease pressure is very low. It is a wider adaptable variety and there is a superior yield advantage with 30-32 MT/Hectare. The crop duration is about 100 days after transplanting.

The germination percentage of the seed of the variety is more than 90%. The bulb shape is a flat globe and the bulb color is pink rose, the average bulb weight is 70-100 gm, and more than 90% of bulbs are single bulbs. The bolting percentage is less than 5%. The pungency of the variety is medium to high. The storage capacity is 2-3 months.

The Business is conducting more than 100 demonstrations this year in 59 Upazilla of 18 potential districts. It is also piloting to understand the market and take broader steps in the upcoming years.