Z’fix® farm effluent enhancer awarded at Animal Tech 2021!

Agrilife24.com:Profi Press Media Agency awarded the Olmix’s farm efluent enhancer Z’fix® on the occasion of the Animal Tech 2021 and the National Livestock Exhibition hosted last month in Brno, Czech Republic.

The Awards Ceremony at the Animal Tech 2021 and the National Livestock Exhibition (Brno, Czeh Republic) turned out to be an excellent occasion for Olmix! Its Z’fix® farm effluent enhancer got rewarded for its benefits and advantages to improve animals welfare and farmers comfort through better atmosphere in the buildings, but also plant and soil nutrition through optimized fertilizer values of the slurry at spreading.

Thus, after deliberation, the editors from Profi Press tipped the balance in favour of Z’fix®, particularly due to the biostimulation properties that make the product unique within its range:

"The presence of products such as Z’fix® in this exhibition is highly appreciated. Its capacity to improve the environment in the farm and stables and the quality of the manure have great effects on health and welfare. It is an outstanding solution," Zdeněk Makovička, editor-in-chief, said.