Layer Week Webinar on October 20 & 21 this upcoming webinar, organizers will bring you updates on ASEAN Layer Sector Outlook & Performance during the Pandemic and its business continuity plan moving forward. Despite Covid-19, the sector still plays a vital part in the region witnessing an increased growth rate and attract new FDI projects, as well as the 6 ASEAN countries, which are in the movement to promote cage-free eggs.

Mark (MWR) from “SKOV” will be presenting “Layer Ventilation-Improve your returns” in the upcoming Webinar organized by Informa markets.

Time & Date: Oct 20, 2021 08:00 AM and Oct 21, 2021 08:00 AM (Bangladesh Time)

The Layer Week will bring to the industry audience various layer talks in terms of innovative products & technologies with useful case studies from well-known industry experts such as KEMIN, SKOV, PROMINENT, and many more coming soon.


A comprehensive discussion on certain topics concerning layer farming are lined up for you. One of the highlights of these webinar sessions is the vital role of Sustainability in Layer farming which we will feature in the Panel Discussion session on “Woman in Livestock production: How to make our livestock sector grow sustainably?”

Watch out for more updates on the topics and featured speakers who would share their knowledge and enlighten you on different aspects of layer farming.
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-Layer Ventilation-Improve your returns
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