MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives S.L. Providing new and innovative solutions Veterinary Medicines and Additives S.L. Providing new and innovative solutions to the most important challenges of this post-Covid world will be their main objective to the Bangladeshi market. MPA is a family-owned business, partnered with the MEVET S.A.U. laboratory (part of the Vall Companys Group, which is the producer of 80 million broiler per year). MPA products are used in these animals. They are committed to serve natural solutions to the customers in order to provide the most successful products to the Bangladeshi market.

This was stated by Dr. Sergio B. Tocino, Export Area Veterinary Manager Asia Pacific & Middle East of MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives, SL. during his short visit in Dhaka on September 14th.

Discussed with Md. Shafiul Azam, Editor, he stated that MPA Veterinary portfolio shows a complete commitment with the target to provide a safe feed & food to the consumer. For example, the control of Salmonella spp. or E.coli can be achieved with our range of acidifiers, as well as the control of mycotoxicosis in the feed (MycoActive Plus) or the treatment of coccidia in poultry animals (Eimex Active).

He said that In Bangladesh MPA have some distributors:

  • Opsonin:
            HepatoActive. A liver tonic. Branded as Restoliv by Opsonin.
            MycoActive Plus: A toxin binder.
  • Eon Group:
  • Capatus Pvt. Ltd.
            Tiaminvall oral (125 mg/ml of Tiamulin hydrogen fumarate) oral solution.
            Lincovall Powder (400 mg/g of Lincomycin (hydrochloride) powder solution for the drinking water.

He has been fascinated by the interest and confidence of farmers and entrepreneurs in their products in Bangladesh. Several times & frequent visits to Bangladesh. he observed all the entrepreneurs and farmers of Bangladesh are working relentlessly to produce food for the people of the country. That they want to increase the scope of MPA Veterinary Medicines and Additives, SL services here he added.