Kemin invites you to ‘The Art of Managing 1.75 meters, this monsoon’ days’ of predisposing factors affect intestine of the chickens, leading to functional & structural loss inside the gut, which results into lower meat/eggs & lower profit. Let expertise around the globe help South Asian poultry feed producers, for 365 days of peaceful gut health management !

Our chief speaker of webinar, Maarten De Gussem is the founder and Poultry Consultant at Vetworks: a veteran poultry expert servicing the poultry industry and providing support on poultry health topics including Poultry Gut Health, Coccidiosis, Salmonella, Biosecurity, Welfare and Food Safety. he is also author of Broiler Signals, a leading broiler management book in more than 12 languages.

Our Kemin gut health experts, Dr. RC & Dr. Venket Shelke with an outstanding 20 years of experience in solving field gut health issues, mostly from the South Asia market.

Join us on June 17, 2021 | Thursday | 5:30 PM Bangladesh time | 5:15 PM Nepal time

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