Sonalika Tractor Service and Training Programs

aGRILIFE24.COM: January 2024 marked a significant period for ACI Motors as it initiated a series of impactful programs aimed at enhancing the agricultural landscape across Bangladesh. The Sonalika Tractor Service Day, held across 15 Upazilas, served as a testament to ACI Motors' commitment to providing exceptional after-sales service and support to its valued customers.

In addition to the Service Day, ACI Motors conducted comprehensive tractor demonstrations in 8 Upazilas, showcasing the advanced features and capabilities of Sonalika Tractors to farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. These demonstrations provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to gain firsthand experience and insights into the innovative technologies and functionalities offered by Sonalika Tractors.

Furthermore, ACI Motors organized tractor training programs in 5 Upazilas, focusing on equipping farmers and operators with the necessary knowledge and skills to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their agricultural operations. These training programs underscored ACI Motors' dedication to empowering the farming community with the tools and expertise needed to succeed in today's dynamic agricultural environment.

The success of these programs reflects ACI Motors' unwavering commitment to driving positive change and progress in the agricultural sector. By providing comprehensive service, demonstrations, and training initiatives, ACI Motors continues to set new standards in customer engagement and support, ensuring that farmers across Bangladesh have access to the resources and knowledge needed to thrive in their agricultural endeavors.