Lumis Enzymes Exhibits at 10th Kolkata International Poultry Fair 2024 Lumis Enzymes Exhibits at 10th Kolkata International Poultry Fair 2024.The Fair was started on 6 February & will be closed on 9 February. The event Organized by: West Bengal Poultry Federation In Association with: Animal Resources Development Department, Govt. of West Bengal.

During this time around 40,000 farmers from West Bengal except other states and neighbouring countries poultry farmers and poultry related people attended to know the latest development of poultry industry. Apart from the farmers, renowned poultry personalities from different parts of India, Speakers and poultry producers of all over India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan Nigeria, Myanmar etc: attended the fair.

A number of poultry industry professionals visited Lumis Enzymes booth (Hall B, Booth B101/102/117 & 118) and were highly impressed by the unique features of Lumis Enzymes.

Lumis enzyme helps to release optimal nutrients from raw materials including not so easily digestible substrates. It helps to overcome the fluctuations in the quality and type of feed ingredients and combat the ever-increasing feed prices of feed ingredients.

Exhibition venue: Eco Park Major Arterial Road(South-East, Biswa Bangla Sarani, Action Area II), Newtown Kolkata, West Bengal 700156