BARI scientists report occurrence of ‘Fall armyworm’ in ginger crop in Bangladesh The scientists of the Entomology Division of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) recorded occurrence of devastating insect ‘Fall armyworm’ in ginger crop during June 2023 at experimental farm of Spices Research Centre, BARI, Shibganj, Bogura. ‘The insect pest was found damaging the leaves of ginger plant’ said Dr. Zulfikar Haider Prodhan- an Entomologist and Chief Scientific Officer of Spices Research Centre.

Dr. Prodhan observed that, the pest infestation was under control. However, farmers should not be panicked due to infestation of this pest, because BARI has already developed effective management strategy against this pest. To resist this pest attack, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of the Entomology Division of BARI, Dr. Nirmal Kumar Dutta advised the farmers not to spray toxic chemical insecticides indiscriminately as this practice would kill the beneficial insects those naturally control this pest. Monitoring and mass trapping of adult insects with sex pheromone traps, collecting and destroying egg mass and larvae, and need based spraying of microbial biopesticide ‘SfNPV’ can be good options to combat the pest attack. However, in case of severe infestation, less toxic new generation chemical insecticides can be sprayed as last resort with the consultation of extension personnel.

It is to be noted here that the Fall armyworm- a devastating insect pest of maize crop worldwide was first recorded in Bangladesh by BARI Entomologists during November 2018. The infestation of this pest in maize crop in our country is also under control and the crop loss by this pest is also minimum due to timely coordinated approach and efforts taken by Ministry of Agriculture.