Cutting-edge technologies that empower feed mills to enhance energy In the current context, feed production cost of feed mill companies has increased drastically due to various reasons including high cost of raw material for feed production. The use of high-quality feed has increased the production cost of farmers. So, it is necessary to reduce the cost to produce feed at an affordable price, considering everyone from the producer to the consumer.

Mr. Ing. Roger Ubags, Area Sales Manager, Van Aarsen International B.V. excellently highlighted the how entrepreneurs can manage feed mill by saving power. Recently held “PoultryTechBangladesh Feed Milling Workshop” in the capital city of Dhaka, he presented these issues to the guests with various information. During his discussion he detailed about 20 other very important issues which empower feed mills to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs and secure a sustainable future.

Roger feels that the poultry industry of Bangladesh is in a good position but entrepreneurs need to focus on reducing the cost of production as well as setting up environment-friendly feed mills. Engineers and nutritionists from renowned feed mills of the country were participated in the workshop.

Ms. Amber van Spronsen, Emerging Market Advisor, Larive International B.V., gave a welcome speech while Dr. Rashed Mahmud, Research Manager (Bangladesh) “UKRI-CGRF One Health Poultry Hub” Project, CVASU, presented a presentation on “Poultry Sector Developments & Challenges- One Health Poultry Hub” at the program.

Mr. Kazi Aziz Sobhan, CEO of Prestige Feed & Ingredient addressed that this kind of technology will be an acceptable solution for feed mills and entrepreneurs. As energy costs have risen nationwide, it’s become an increasingly large factor in the overall cost of manufacturing feed for poultry and livestock integrators, feed manufacturing companies and agriculture cooperatives. Key strategies and cutting-edge technologies that empower feed mills to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs and secure a sustainable future Aziz added.

Mr. Zahed Amin, Director (Finance, strategy and consulting services) LightCastle Partners, Mr. Matthias Brienen Larive International B.V. & other high officials of the organization were present at the program.