ACI Seed's Campaign promotes High-Yield Onion Cultivation Onion cultivation holds great appeal for farmers in our country, and it is one of the key crops focused on by ACI Seed. To promote onion cultivation, the Business has launched a comprehensive campaign program targeting key customer points in potential areas. This initiative includes various activities such as farmers' meetings, retailers' meetings, meetings with the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), result demonstrations, group campaigns, haat-bazar campaigns, and the utilization of different promotional materials at retail points.

ACI King, a Polycross variety, has gained popularity in the market. It offers a yield of 30-32 MT per hectare, with a crop duration of 85-90 days after transplanting. The bulbs are globe-shaped, with a yellowish-red color, and an average weight of 60-70 gm. More than 90% of the bulbs are single, ensuring uniformity.

Another noteworthy variety is Biplob Super, a hybrid variety with a higher yield potential. It offers a yield of 37-38 MT per hectare, with a crop duration of 85-95 days after transplanting. The bulbs are also globe-shaped, but with a light red color. The average bulb weight ranges from 80-120 gm, and more than 90% of the bulbs are single. This variety has a low bolting percentage of less than 5% and exhibits medium to high pungency. Additionally, it boasts a storage capacity of 6-7 months.

The campaign program on onion varieties was conducted by Chuadanga and Rajshahi area teams, covering Faridpur, Rajbari, Kushtia, Meherpur, Jhenaidah, Pabna, and Rajshahi. Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers, Marketing Officers, Market Development Officers, EWS, and Brand Promoters attended these events. Farmers and retailers who attended the program were enthusiastic to learn key information about the varieties, and they expressed their commitment to cultivating them in the current season. ACI Seed anticipates a satisfactory sales outcome for onion varieties in the ongoing season.