ACI Fertilizer hosted Regional Dealer Conferences for Enhanced Market Success ACI Fertilizer recently organized Regional Dealer Conferences in Dinajpur and Bogura, which took place last month. On 11 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rangpur Zone was held at BLC, Dinajpur. Additionally, on 25 October 2023, the Regional Dealer Conference for the Rajshahi Region was conducted at Hotel Siesta, Bogura. 80 large dealers from the Rangpur zone and 65 dealers from the Rajshahi Region participated in these conferences.

During these events, the Portfolio Team took the opportunity to share valuable insights regarding the product features, market opportunities, and the potential of ACI Fertilizer's products. The dealers actively participated in the conferences, providing their feedback and expressing their satisfaction with selling ACI Fertilizer's products. Business Director Kbd. Bashir Ahmed, GM Sales Kbd. Sadequr Rahman, Portfolio Team members, respective Sales Managers, and other high-ranking officials from ACI Seed were present at these events, lending their expertise and support to the attendees.