To ensure sustainable poultry production “PRECISION NUTRITION” should be considered

Business correspondent: Precision Animal Nutrition is the effective use of available feed resources in order to maximize the response of animals to nutrients. It is an ideal method to improve the productivity of animals in developing countries in view of inadequate feed resources. To ensure sustainable poultry production “PRECISION NUTRITION” should be considered.

Understand the importance of precision nutrition and how such developing technologies could help in improving production efficiently in poultry industry Jefo Nutrition Inc. organized a seminar titled “PRECISION NUTRITION PERSPECTIVES –THE FUTURE”.

The Seminar was held on Thursday Evening (26 October) at Le Méridien Dhaka. Bangladesh Poultry Industries Central Council (BPICC) President Mr. Shamsul Arefin Khaled, Ms. Deborah Boyce Charge de Affairs, Canadian High Commission, Bangladesh including various feed millers, nutritionists, consultants, high official of poultry feed industries from the different part of the were present. Dr M.A. Kabir Chowdhury, Sales Director (South Asia) Jefo Nutrition Inc conducted whole the event where the Speakers presented their papers.

Dr Shubash Chandra Das Professor, Departement of Poultry science, Bangladesh Agricultural University was addressed “The Poultry Industry in Bangladesh”. Global Poultry Technical Manager of Jefo Canada was presented two technical papers titled “Reduced Antibiotic Production in North America” and “Beyond Protein Digestibility: Dietary Protease to Manage Gut Health” respectively. Mrs. Natalie Chrystal, of COMPLETE FEED SOLUTION from New Zealand, discussed about “Nutritional Considerations for Tropical Climates –Creating Harmony in the GIT.

The term Precision Animal Nutrition is defined as providing the animal with feed that precisely meets its nutritional requirements for optimal productive efficiency and produce products of animal origin of better quality for consumers and contributes to a cleaner environment and with it ensures the profitability of the producers.

Poultry production has become the most challenging in the entire world. As per statistics poultry products will account for sizable portion of future food demand forecasting significant increase in global food production by 2050. The tireless research of poultry scientists is contributing effectively to the development of various techniques and technologies in the poultry industry. In light of this, the nutritionists, researchers and poultry industry entrepreneurs who attended the seminar expressed hope that this seminar would contribute greatly.

Mr. Wayne Bradshaw Managing Director (Australia & New Zealand) of Jefo Nutrition Inc., has given the closing speech at the event. He was briefed the history of Jefo’s inception to overall business, research and other activities. He also Overview of company's products on animal nutrition from its inception till date and highlighted how their research products are contributing in different parts of the world. At this time Dr. Jean Fontaine, the founder president of Jefo expressed sincere thanks and gratitude from the company through a video message to all those who came to the event.

Dr. Pinky Roy Ingewar, Sales & Technical Support Manager, India and the high officials from Jefo’s as well as local agent Adyan Agro and Penta Green & many other senior officials of the company were present the event. At the end of the event Dr Chowdhury highlighted the contribution of the company's business partners and honored them.

It is true that the poultry industry of Bangladesh has come a long way. But at present, all those involved in this industry are facing a tough challenge. It is hoped that today's seminar will take a step forward for those involved in the poultry industry to address these challenges. The main content of the seminar was very important in the context of Bangladesh. Such an arrangement will be very helpful to produce safe poultry products (Broiler & Egg) for Bangladesh in the future.