PSU and K.M.P. Biotech Cooperation "a good sign between universities and the private sector" science park Prince of Songkla University in collaboration with K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd. held a press conference on the development of probiotic microorganisms. from research innovation in order to take advantage health and medical Including to meet international standards and Thailand, with Mr. Worasan Sophon, Deputy Director of the Science Park presided over the opening speech by Professor Dr. Rawee Thienpaisarn, Faculty of Medicine. Prince of Songkhla University and Mr. Pairat Thitisak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd., gave an introduction to the factory and Associate Professor Dr. Chidchanok Leethanakul, MD. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prince of Songkhla University honored to attend this event as well at Altitude Room (Altitude), 25th floor, The Westin Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok at The Westin Grand Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok.

Mr. Worasan Sophon, Deputy Director of the Science Park, said that the development of probiotics which is the work of Professor Dr. Rawee Thienpaisarn and the research team from the Faculty of Dentistry. Prince of Songkhla University that brings innovative research into commercial health and medical utilization This is a good sign for cooperation between universities and the private sector. who foresaw the importance of research and development in the field of probiotic development into commercial utilization in real life together To maximize the benefits of the people, agencies, society and support the sustainable growth of the Thai economy.

This collaboration is a technology forward. To the production of probiotic microorganisms, postbiotics and heat killed probiotics at the factory level according to the FDA standards to be used in probiotic and postbiotic products in the form of Various further by Prince of Songkla University and K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd. aims to make the whole world see the potential of Thailand in creating innovative probiotics. Postbiotics and Heat Killed Probiotics for Health and Medicine can be self-reliant No need to rely on imports from abroad, low cost, quality equivalent to foreign products. Able to compete and be accepted internationally/

Professor Dr. Rawee Thienpaisarn, Faculty of Medicine Prince of Songkhla University2007 to present For more than 10 years selecting new probiotic strains according to international standards set by the World Health Organization in the selection of probiotic strains for use in food products The research has been tested on the species properly using biomolecular techniques. Clinical Efficacy Testing and Safety of Use by showing through more than 30 published works that are accepted in the international academic community And it is used for oral health, especially in the prevention of tooth decay and periodontitis. Subsequently, it has expanded to other health research areas, namely its use to balance microorganisms in the body. boost immunity anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogenic This led to the commercial use of probiotic products in various forms of products such as milk tablets, lozenges, probiotic powders, and cosmeceuticals until it became evident. Can be used commercially both in the country. and expanding abroad Currently, the use of postbiotics has been developed. which is a component derived from probiotic microorganisms to take advantage of as well.

Mr. Phairat Thitisak, Chairman of the Board of Directors, K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd.Said that K.M.P. Biotech Co., Ltd. is ready to produce probiotic microorganisms, postbiotics and heat killed probiotics with a production capacity of 60,528 liters / year to make probiotic powder. Probiotics 10,368 kg/year under quality control by a laboratory accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to obtain quality products and meet international standards. The company is delighted to continue to collaborate with researchers, government agencies, private sector and Strat Up in the research and development of probiotics, postbiotics and heat killed probiotics. for sustainability in Thailand's self-reliance And create added value in the creation of various probiotic and postbiotic products of the country so that Thai people can access quality and standardized products at a fair price Bringing good health in a holistic way. K.M.P. Company We are committed to creating innovation and growing sustainably together with our customers. Thank you for choosing KMP to be a part of your success as well.