Ekram Babu successfully completed "IGP Grain Procurement & Purchasing Course" in USA

Agrilife correspondent: The feed industries in the country covers a major role of the livestock industry. The skills and technical know-how of those involved at various stages of feed production from procurement of raw materials to production and marketing much of this industry depends on it. In the beginning, those who are responsible for collecting raw materials for feed production they have to be more careful about their responsibilities.

In consideration of these issues, a seven-day course titled "IGP Grain Procurement & Purchasing Course" was held from June 4 to 10 in cooperation with the Kansas State University-International Grains Program (IGP) Department of Grain Science and Industry in the United States sponsored by the US Grains Council. A total of 30 trainees from 15 countries of the world participated in this training. Two persons from Bangladesh also participated in this course, one of them is Md. Qutub Uddin Ekram (Babu), Jr. AGM (Procurement) of Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.

After successfully participating in the course, Ekram Babu said that 60 to 70 percent of the cost of a farm is spent for feed and the quality control of the raw materials required to produce this feed is very important. In the poultry-dairy & fish industry of Bangladesh, it is very important to develop the skills of those who work closely with the procurement of raw materials in the feed industry. Considering these issues, he has participated in the training on behalf of his company.

He said that the trainers of the concerned departments of the university have given their training through hand-to-hand and power point presentation with great care. This training will be benefited the company as well as everyone. Ekram (Babu) expressed gratitude and thanks to all the trainers as well as everyone of Nourish Poultry.