“Cobb Asia Pacific Traveling Seminar”- Day 2 was held in Bangladesh

Agrilife24.com: Participants attended the “Cobb Asia Pacific Traveling Seminar” held in Dhaka from different Poultry Breeder Farms & Hatcheries on June 14th, 2023. Cobb has focused on ensuring the reputation of #Cobb500 broilers as the world's most efficient bird with the lowest feed conversion ratio.

The topics of the traveling seminar included male management, female management, data analysis, breeder nutrition, health management, hatchery management and ventilation management.

“It’s great for us to be back in Bangladesh once again”, said Dr. Youngho Hong, Director of Technical Services- Cobb Asia. “Cobb has made substantial genetic progress in the last few years. Today our customers in Asia are seeing the continuous improvement of breeder performance in the field.”

Production Officers & Managers, AGM, DGM, GM, Quality Control Experts, Lab Officers, Nutritionists & allied colleagues of Poultry Operations at different companies, said “We appreciate Cobb’s commitment to poultry industry in Bangladesh by dedicating this event to us. We are confident and will apply the learnings to enhance the performance of Cobb500 breeders & broilers.”

The traveling seminar was co-organized by “Protimax International”, a diversified trading & technology transferring company in Bangladesh agriculture industry since 2004.

The New Developed Cobb500 Genetics is serving Bangladesh Poultry Industry, aiming to achieve the target SDGs 2030 (#SDG2030 ):

Improved Breeder Performance Excellence:
* Consistent & Efficient Parent Performance
* Good Livability
* Higher Egg Production
* High Chick Numbers
* Flock Uniformity, Fleshing & Feathering Optimized
* Higher Hatchability

Improved Broiler Performance Excellence:
* Economic Traits For Low Density Feed
* Profitable Broiler Production
* Feed Efficient Growth
* Higher Growth Rate
* Good Bird’s Welfare Traits
* Efficient Meat Production
* Quality Meat
* The Best Meat Yield
* Appealing Conformation
* Robust Performance
* More Uniform Body Size
* Improved Cardiovascular Function
* Good Livability
* Better Skeletal Strength
* Least diseases, least medicine at field, facilitating antibiotic free poultry meat production.

Cobb-Vantress, LLC is a leading global genetics company that makes quality protein accessible, healthy, and affordable worldwide. Our research and technology innovates the global poultry industry. With headquarters in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA. We are the world’s oldest pedigree broiler breeder.
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