Hatchery Talks® webinar: Incubation in hot, humid climates

Agrilife24.com: Would you like to learn more about the specific strategies that Pas Reform Academy recommends regarding optimum incubation in hot, humid climates? Now you can! Join on Thursday, May 25 for their latest Hatchery Talks® webinar.

Pas Reform Academy offer you a choice of times: 11.00-11.30, or 19.00-19.30. During this 20-minute intensive webinar, Eline Holtslag, Incubation Specialist, Pas Reform Academy will discuss:

  • Why you need to check fresh egg quality
  • Why fluctuations in temperature during storage harm your hatch
  • How to adjust your setter ventilation in humid climates

Together with her Pas Reform Academy colleagues, she will be on-line throughout the webinar to answer all your burning questions. During the webinar the floor will be open for you to ask Eline all your burning questions.

You can register to join for the sessions click here to subscribe now!.