Seed Potato Production Field Visit by Traders, Farmers & Sales Team ACI Seed conducted a day-long seed potato production field visit and workshop recently was held at Dinajpur. Among the 151 participants of the program, 95 were Seed Potato Dealers and Retailers, and 15 were large farmers. Business Director, Business Operation Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, General Manager-Sales, Sales Managers, and Portfolio Manager graced the event with their presence.

The field visit aimed to create awareness of ACI Seed Potato by building the confidence of customers and farmers for the upcoming season. The participants visited the certified and net house field and expressed their satisfaction to see the overall production and quality process of seed potatoes.

In the workshop, ACI high officials were briefed about the production technology and quality process of seed potato production. ACI Seed also collected customer feedback regarding the performance of seed potatoes. Customers also got the opportunity to see the Seed Potato production field with excellent plant growth potential with less possibility of being infected by any disease.

The dealers, retailers and farmers also provided their valuable comments and suggestions regarding the sales and marketing of seed potatoes, especially the new varieties. ACI Seed expects to harvest the projected sales of seed potatoes in the next season.