Lumis Enzymes Exhibits at IPPE 2024 The 2024 Latin American Poultry Summit IPPE 2024 started on January 30 in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The events featured 1,000 companies around the world showcasing the latest developments of the agrifood industry. Lumis Enzymes also participating IPPE 2024 & their booth no. A1051.

During this time a number of poultry industry professionals from across the globe visited Lumis Enzymes booth and were highly impressed by the unique features of Lumis Enzymes.

Lumis enzyme helps to release optimal nutrients from raw materials including not so easily digestible substrates. It helps to overcome the fluctuations in the quality and type of feed ingredients and combat the ever-increasing feed prices of feed ingredients.

The three-day event will conclude on February 1. Organizers expect about 30,000 visitors to participate in this year's fair.