ACI Motors concluded 2023 with Halkhata In December 2023, ACI Motors successfully organized Halkhata program, a dedicated initiative aimed at facilitating the recovery and collection of credit amounts from valued customers of Sonalika Tractor. This program served as a testament to ACI Motors' commitment to fostering strong relationships with its customers and ensuring the seamless management of credit transactions.

The Halkhata program, which was held in 140 locations across the country, provided a platform for Sonalika customers to settle their credit amounts while receiving a warm and hospitable welcome from the ACI Motors team members. The program not only focused on the purpose of recovery and collection but also aimed to create a positive and engaging experience for the customers.

As part of the program, customers were invited to settle their credit amounts and, were presented with thoughtful gifts such as jackets and t-shirts. This gesture of appreciation and recognition underscored ACI Motors' dedication to acknowledging and rewarding the commitment of its customers, further strengthening the bond between the company and its valued clientele.

The success of the Halkhata program reflects ACI Motors' unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and its proactive approach to credit management. By providing a platform for customers to settle their credit amounts while receiving personalized attention and appreciation, ACI Motors continues to set new benchmarks in customer-centric initiatives, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for all stakeholders.