Entrepreneurship workshops held at the center of RC Rajshahi central RCC Pukuria Hope

Agrilife24.com: Recently RC Rajshahi central, Bangladesh Livestock Society (BLS) Model Veterinary Clinic Research and Medicine Point and “RCC Hope Pukuria”, Rajshahi organized by Tuli Enterprise, Rajshahi and Opsonin Pharmaceutical, Pukuria, Paba Upazila, Rajshahi District Entrepreneurship Incentive Workshop was held at “RCC Hope Pukuria” Center at the place.

Overall support to livestock related volunteers such as training, technical support, provision of first aid to cattle and birds, establishment of contact with various government and private institutions to provide all possible services to the farmers and service providers with the aim of providing support to various individuals and institutions in addition to the overall development of the village.

In order to realize the great objective, the main goal of this club is to play an effective role in the provision of animal meat and increase economic capacity by bringing the rural population under various types of services, empowering women and giving a healthy, strong, talented next generation. The main objective of this workshop is to provide employment of volunteers and all services related to livestock at low cost to the farmers, said the president of the program, joint general secretary of BLS Mosa Selina Begum, owner of Tuli Enterprises.

President of Rotary Club of Rajshahi Central and Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer of Rajshahi University Dr. Md. Hemayetul Islam Arif mentioned that with the financial and technical support of BLS and Rotary Club of Rajshahi Central, they are trying to build a permanent service center with the aim of providing continuous and uninterrupted services to all those related to livestock. He also mentioned that for the sale of various veterinary materials including medicines, the organization will provide full support in the process of obtaining a license from the Bangladesh Veterinary Council after receiving training for 3 months.

The guest of honor on the occasion, Bangladesh Veterinary Council Registrar Dr. Gopal Chandra Biswas thanked all the organizers of the workshop and said that BVA will provide full support in getting the license.

The special guest of the program is Rajshahi University's Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Professor Dr. Md Akhtarul Islam mentioned in his speech that the contribution of volunteers in increasing the supply of animal meat is incomparable. He wished the future prosperity and success of this workforce. He further said that such initiatives would serve as a medium for diffusion, exchange and growth of human qualities and skills among the interested and enterprising class of people.

Special guest of the program and Deputy Director of Rajshahi Government Dairy and Cattle Development Farm, Dr. Md. Ismail Haque said that Bangladesh Livestock Society, Bangladesh Livestock Directorate of Livestock is selflessly providing all kinds of services related to livestock and it will expand more through this organization. He expressed strong hope that through this initiative, all types of services related to and outside livestock will be easily available for the people.

The chief guest of the program and the president of BLS, Rajshahi University's Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Dean Professor Dr. Md. Jalal Uddin Sardar said that through all these initiatives, the activities of Bangladesh Livestock Society will be expanded and BLS will make more important contribution to livestock and public welfare. He thanked the Ratari Club of Rajshahi Central Tuli Enterprise for doing various service works in cooperation and coordination with BLS. He promised to give maximum cooperation in obtaining drug license. More than 50 volunteers participated in the event.