ACI Fertilizer has introduced a Humic acid-based fertilizer “Humistar WG” to the farmers of Bangladesh. Humistar WG contains 65% Humic acid, 12% Fulvic Acid and 17% Potassium. It is water soluble and available in a granular format. Farmers are getting excellent results after using this product in their crop field. ACI Seed launched a hybrid brinjal variety under the brand name 'Green Globe'. It is developed under ACI's own R&D. Brinjal is a year-round crop and the demand for brinjal seed is also high. Considering the potentiality, ACI Seed’s R&D developed Green Globe with distinctive characteristics. ACI Motors organized a number of Sonalika Tractor customer events across the nation in August 2023. It set up tractor demonstration programs in 13 locations across the nation, many of which stand to gain greatly from farm mechanization. In addition, customers were invited to 25 network partner meetings and service days where tractor owners, operators, and drivers gathered to discuss their perspectives with ACI Motors staff members. Would you like to learn more about the specific strategies that Pas Reform Academy recommends regarding Formaldehyde-free hatching egg disinfection? Now you can! Join Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist for latest Hatchery Talks® webinar.

During this intensive 30-minute webinar, Gerd de Lange will discuss:

  • What alternatives are available for hatching egg disinfection with formaldehyde
  • How to use different applications for liquid disinfectants
  • Why correct dosing depends on the application method
  • Together with specialist Pas Reform Academy colleagues, Gerd de Lange, will be on-line throughout the webinar to answer all your burning questions.

You can register to join for the sessions at 11.00 or 20.00 CEST.

click HERE for registration

দীন মোহাম্মদ দীনু: নেত্রকোনা জেলার পূর্বধলায় স্বপ্ননীড় অ্যাগ্রো বিডি ফার্মে দেশের কৃষিকে যান্ত্রিকীকরণের অংশ হিসেবে একটি টেকনোলজি পার্কের উদ্বোধন করা হয়েছে। ACI Seed launched a hybrid cabbage variety under the brand name “ACI Busan” with high aspiration. The origin of this is Asia Seed, a renowned company in South Korea. The market for cabbage is increasing significantly. The Business has a special consideration on the variety.