Biplob Summer Onion: A Game-Changer for Farmers in Rajshahi Farmers in Rajshahi district have found great success in cultivating Summer Onion - Biplob. Not only has this provided for their families, but it has also brought them financial gains. They are hopeful that this variety will play a major role in solving the onion shortage and lessening the need for imports.

East West Seed and ACI Seed, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), have initiated training programs for farmers in 11 upazilas of Rajshahi district to cultivate Summer Onion - Biplob. Model farmers have begun experimental cultivation of this variety by preparing seedbeds in July-August.

After conducting adaptation trials in various regions of the country over the past three years, East West Seed and ACI Seed have identified the highly promising summer onion variety "Biplob," which yields 30-32 MT per hectare. The average bulb weight of Biplob ranges from 100-150 grams, with over 90% of the bulbs being single. This variety is crack-resistant and can be stored for 2-3 months. Biplob is tolerant to high temperatures and rainfall, suitable for cultivation from June to September, and can be harvested within 100-110 days after transplanting. It is also known for its disease tolerance and high yield.

Mr. Abul Hossain, a farmer from Akkelpur, Bagmara, Rajshahi, obtained Biplob seeds through DAE and cultivated summer onion - Biplob on 16 decimal land this year. His investment of BDT 32,000 yielded about 50 mond, which he sold for BDT 1,84,000. Mr. Hossain mentioned that summer onions were not previously cultivated in his village. However, witnessing the yield of the Biplob variety and the market price of onions, many others are now considering cultivating the Biplob variety in the upcoming season.

Agriculture Officer Mr. Abdur Razzak of Bagmara Upazila highlighted the profitability of summer onion cultivation, with farmers achieving 100-120 mond yield per bigha (33 decimal) by cultivating the Biplob variety and obtaining favorable prices in the market. Consequently, the cultivation of this variety is expected to increase significantly in the upazila in the future.

Mr. Mozder Hossain, Deputy Director, DAE in Rajshahi, emphasized the government's special plans to increase summer onion production. If implemented, these initiatives could lead to self-sufficiency in onion production, with the Biplob variety playing a crucial role in reducing import dependence and addressing the country's onion shortage.