Solidaridad Facilitates Distributor Agreement between Cooperative and Pure Enterprise Limited for Dairy Productivity

Category: বিজনেস ও ইন্ডাস্ট্রি Written by agrilife24 distributor Agreement has been signed between Pure Enterprise Limited and SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti ltd., Tipna, Dumuria, Khulna in the office of Solidaridad Network Asia, Dhaka. The agreement will foster the distribution and availability of quality salt mineral ‘Minamix’ for dairy livestock for the dairy entrepreneurs in Dumuria, Khulna.

Solidaridad Network Asia, under its Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and Linkages (SaFaL) supported 24,000 dairy farmers to increase productivity and market linkages. The project also supported the development of two cooperatives in Khulna and Jashore to enhance the market integration for inputs and sales. With this distributor Agreement, SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti ltd. will be able to work as a distributor of Minamix salt for the dairy farmers.

The Managing Director of Pure Enterprise Md. Monirul Hasan, in his speech mentioned that Minamix is a great solution to increase milk quality in terms of fat content and improve the overall wellbeing of livestock if provided in proper ratio. By spending only BDT 6, the revenue of the farmer can increase up to BDT 10. He expressed his keen interest to work with Solidaridad supported cooperatives and farmers to expand their business horizon and pay an important role in the dairy sector development of Bangladesh.

Md. Hasan also urged the cooperative executives to take the challenge for supporting farmers with quality inputs and knowledge.

Md. Isahak Ali Sheak, Chairman of SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti ltd. Dumuria expressed his gratitude for facilitating the distributorship and also informed on their enthusiasm to foster agribusiness in the vicinity. He also requested Pure Enterprise to support them with knowledge and technologies to reach last mile entrepreneurs for better dairy outcomes.

In the concluding remarks, Mr. Selim Reza Hasan, Country Manager of Solidaridad Network Asia appreciated the efforts of SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti to support the farmers of Dumuria with their businesses. He urged the executive committee members to enhance their efforts for making a lucrative business case for private sectors to support for long term sustainability and profitability. Win-win business models will attract investments to foster agribusiness for which all should come together. Mr. Hasan Also mentioned that Solidaridad has linkages with the government agencies who will also extend their support on this.

Sabita Rani Das, Vice Chairman of SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti, Abdul Kuddus, Secretary of SaFaL Nirapod Krisiponno Biponon Utapodanmukhi Somobay Somiti, Md Jinnatul Islam, Chirman of Pure Enterprise, AKM Manjurul Haq, Director of Pure Enterprise, Shihab Ahmed Shirazee, Director of Pure Enterprise, Mohammad Mozibal Haque, Senior Manager, Supply Chain and Business Development, Solidaridad Network Asia, Indu Bhushon Roy, Senior Programme Manager, SaFaL, Solidaridad Network Asia, Ipshita Habib, Manager, Resource Mobilisation and Advocacy, among others,  were present in the agreement signing ceremony.

The initiative will support to reach dairy farmers of Dumuria to enhance their milk productivity and livestock wellbeing to a greater extent.