Monday, 23 July 2018


Particulars Hatchery Price(In BDT.) Particulars Price
Commercial Broiler (Day Old) 38-45/piece GP BROILER(Day old)-Imported 33.00 USD.
Commercial Layer -Brown (Day Old) 30-35/piece GP LAYER (Day old)-Imported 40.60 - 41.17 EURO
Commercial Layer -White (Day Old) 28-30/piece Parent Stock Broiler-(Day old)-Imported 4.80-4.90 USD.
SONALI (Day Old) 8-10/piece Parent Stock Layer-(Day old)-Imported 5.58 EURO
Cockrel (Day Old) 8-10/piece Parent Stock Broiler-(Day old)-Local 350.00 BDT.
 Telapia Fry (Best Quality)

1.05-1.10 Tk./3800-4000 pc per kg.


Source:Marketing Department of different renowned hatcheries and Distributors & farmers from Gazipur, Mymensingh, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla, Bogra, Rajshahi, Barishal, Joypurhat

Main Ingredients of Poultry and Fish Feed

Particulars Price/kg.( in BDT.) Particulars Price/kg.( in BDT.)
Maize/Corn 19.50-20.00 Fish Meal (50%) 85.00-90.00
Soyabean Meal (44%) 38.00-39.00 Meal (60%) 100.00-110.00
    MBM 45.25
Rice Polish 23.50-24.00    
De Oiled Rice Bran 14.00-14.50 Dl-Methionine 250.00-255.00
Rape Seed 25.00-28.00 L-Lysine 140.00-145.00
Limestone 8.00-8.5 D.C.P 38.00-54.00
    M.C.P 70.00-76.00

Source:Purchase and procurement Department of different renowned Feed Mills and best suppliers and Importers.