ACI Seed Field Day at Rajshahi

Category: সমকালীন কৃষি তথ্য Written by Lost User desk:ACI Seed organized a vegetable field day on Papiya Super at Joynagar, Rajshahi recently. The main aim was to introduce high yielding bitter gourd variety to the smallholder rural farmers of Joynagar village, and to build trust between the seed dealers and the farmers. Another aim was to improve their livelihood status.

The village Joynagar under Poba Upazilla, Rajshahi is well known as a vegetable growing area. Different hybrid and HYV varieties of various crops are being cultivated there. Md. Bablu is a progressive farmer of Joynagar who accepts modern technology for sustainable development. This year Md. Bablu cultivated hybrid Papiya Super bitter gourd in his 5 decimal of land and earned net profit Tk. 15,000.

He said, this year he also cultivated other varieties but he did not get much profit from them and the field conditions were not at acceptance level. But the Papiya Super showed more vigorous and higher yield potential over other market leading varieties and he determined to cultivate Papiya Super in more land in the next season. Other farmers also got motivated to cultivate Papiya Super in their land.

More than 20 farmers participated in the field day. Retailers, Sales Officer, SPO, and PDS Officer were also participated in the programme.
--Source:BIOLIFE-Volume 01, Issue 64, September 2017