Roller Coaster Ride for Indian Poultry Sector International desk:BENISON Media invites you for the 3rd webinar of Feed Webinar Series on Indian Poultry Outlook on 18th February at 4.00 PM.

The Indian poultry industry has gone through a roller coaster ride in 2020 with Covid19 impacting right from the 1st quarter. First with rumors around Covid19 on chicken's health starting impacting consumption and then with lockdown across the country creating supply-chain disruptions leading to issues across the poultry value chain. This has led to a severe impact on small commercial farms with many of them still coming back to operations.

The industry rebounded in 2nd half of the year however with reduced operations. B2C retail consumption has seen an increase however B2B yet to recover fully. Bird flu seasonal outbreak also created challenges for the industry from the start of 2021 in some states. The industry is expecting to bounce back in 2021 after a disappointing 2020.

This webinar session will focus on the market situation in 2021, how the industry and the business are adapting to changing market trends and addressing the challenges to recover ground lost in 2020.

Besides, it will also try to see a longer picture in terms of the Indian poultry industry outlook in 2025. The session will address the following key points:

- Key learnings of the 2020 crisis
- Industry's response in 2021 to adapt to changing market situations
- Industry's direction going into 2025

This is an interactive webinar with a live Q&A session. Register your seat now!


Courtesy- Benison Media